Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish.

The topic of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Ten books you’d buy right this second if someone handed you a fully loaded gift card!

I love to buy books, but books are quite expensive in Norway, especially newly released books. I therefore often buy books either on sale or at a marked. But if I had the choice to buy any ten books I wanted, I think I would go for these ten:

5129 2165 7126 10975 10799

3836 355697 168668 12749 35743

All these are books on my TBR list and I wish I had them in my book shelf.


3 kommentarer om “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Diana sier:

    Your love for the classics inspires me. I am so intimidated by the classics such that I have not yet read the popular ones like Jane Eyre and anything by Hemingway. I only got to read To Kill a Mocking Bird this year.I hope that you will get all these books someday:-)


    • Julianne sier:

      The thing that attracts me to the classics is that there is a reason why they are classics – they are actually really good. So in my opinion you can never fail by choosing a classic. Of course some of them can be quite tedious, but they are always good books.I haven’t read Jane Eyre (though I have it at home) or anything of Hemingway. But I will! :) To kill a Mocking Bird is really good. A couple of good classics I can recommend is The Lady of the Camellias (my absolute favorite), East of Eden and Oliver Twist.


      • Diana sier:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I read Oliver Twist when I was young, its time for a reread though. I will definitely look for the other two titles that you have mentioned.

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