July Summary

Can you believe it’s August already? It feels like July just started. Months are passing by so quick it’s almost scary. July is over, which means summer is almost over. And that’s scary! So, how was my July book-wise?


I only read four books in July, but – in my defense – two of them were quite thick: The Name of The Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. I started this series (called The Kingkiller Chronicle) after seeing it recommended a lot of places. I am not the biggest fantasy fan, but I am really glad I found these books.

After finishing The Wise Man’s Fear I was in the mood for something more down to earth and also something that wouldn’t take me two weeks to finish. So I started Epitaph for a Spy by Eric Ambler. An okay spy thriller, written in 1938. Easy to read and only 263 pages, so it was perfect.

But I am a sucker for the classics, so last week I read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, which I really liked! It was so well written and the story was really exciting to follow.

IMG_5570The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This is the first book in a trilogy called The Kingkiller Chronicle. I am not the biggest fantasy fan, but I still got curious about this book, bought it and started to read. And oh my God, this is one of the most catchy books I have ever read! I got so caught up in it that I hardly managed to put it down. My boyfriend bought book No. 2 in the series (The Wise Man´s Fear) for me and I am going start that one now. Too bad book No. 3 isn´t finished yet.


The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick RothfussSkjermbilde 2016-07-09 kl. 08.28.13

This is the second book in The Kingkiller Chronicle. I thought The Name of the Wind was just amazing. I was hoping the sequel would follow in these same tracks, something it kind of did. But – there was some parts of the story that was really tedious and boring, so I actually just skimmed through a lot of pages. The rest of the book was just as exciting as The Name of the Wind, but a large portion of the book was plainly boring. A little bit disappointed.


IMG_5621Epitaph for a Spy by Eric Ambler

An easy to read spy thriller written in 1938. The book was exciting, but I think it could have been more challenging. The plot was too simple and there was quite a few unrealistic events. What I really liked though was the characters. Ambler is excellent at personifying his characters withour it getting too exaggerated, but they still get enough characteristics to easily remember who is who.


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde IMG_5664

This is the only novel that Oscar Wilde ever wrote. I really enjoyed it, but I think there was some parts of it that was really tedious – too much litany and descriptions. But it is incredibly well written and I particularly liked all the references to other works, f.ex. by Shakespeare. All in all I think it was a great book. The ending – oh my god! It was surprising but it also was not surprising, if you know what I mean.


What about August?

My plan for August is to keep reading more classics. I haven’t quite decided which ones I’m gonna go for, but I really want to read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Middlemarch by George Eliot and maybe another Dickens book, since I haven’t read any Dickens since Christmas. I also want to read Dracula by Bram Stoker, but for some reason I think it is better suited for reading during autumn, so I think I’ll wait. I started Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy a couple of days ago, so at least that is one book I know I am going to read in August. The rest will be a surprise, I guess.



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  1. Diana sier:

    4 books is okay considering the size of the books. The Name of Wind looks humongous! Glad you enjoyed the Wilde. All the best in reaching your reading targets in August. Happy reading!


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