September Summary

The last week has been so busy, with a trip to Copenhagen in the weekend, a lot of work, going to the gym and studying Italian, so my reading and my blogging have been going slow.


September went by like a gust and once again we have started a new month. September was my Norwegian Literature Month and I really enjoyed reading books from my own country. I am planning on reading some more Norwegian books.


I started my Norwegian Literature month with Svøm med dem som drukner by Lars Mytting. I’ve had it in my shelf for a couple on months and I don’t know why I haven’t read it sooner. I just loved it! It was so exciting and well written, and I enjoyed every page.

I continued the month with a true classic: Kristian Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. I was planning on reading the whole trilogy, but before I was halfway through the second book I had to put it down. The first book was actually quite lovely, but it was just too much reading more than one book about this girl.

Next I decided to read another classic: Pan by Knut Hamsun. And what a great book it was! My boyfriend is a true Hamsun fan. He made me read Mysteries earlier this year and now he recommended me Pan. I actually liked it better than Mysteries.

Next was De urolige by Linn Ullmann. And I fell in love. I now believe this is my favorite book. I just loved the story and her way of writing. I have recently bought another Ullmann book that I am planning to read soon.

I also started Sangen om den røde rubin by Agnar Mykle, but because of my super busy week I have still only read about 80 pages of it. But it’s good, I really like it.

SMDSDWhat a fantastic book! A novel disguised as a mystery – or perhaps the other way around. A great story, I loved it from the first to the last page. This one deserves 6 hearts!








Kristin Lavransdatter (The Wreath) by Sigrid Undset

I really liked the first book of the trilogy, The Wreath. The language was very old, which in the beginning I found quite challenging, but after a while I started to appreciate it. Sigrid Undset really knew how to describe nature and environment without it getting boring. The book had some amazing depictions of Norwegian nature. I give it 4 out of 6 hearts.


panPan by Knut Hamsun

A wonderful story with few characters and a lot of action. Hamsun often wrote about troubled souls and this makes his books so amazing. When you read it’s like you’re inside the head of the narrator, in this case lieutenant Thomas Glahn, and you can almost feel his problems and thoughts as if they were your own. I loved this book, reading it was like reading poetry.


skjermbilde-2016-09-28-kl-21-06-19De urolige by Linn Ullmann

I got this as a birthday present from my sister. I´ve been holding on reading it because I was very sceptic. I´ve thought that Linn Ullmann only sold books because she has famous parents. Well, I was wrong. What a lovely book! I couldn’t it away, so I read it in 3 days (which is quite fast for me). I have rarely found something that moved me in the same way this book did. Beautifully written. What it is about? I don’t know. About life?

What about October?

As I really enjoyed the book by Linn Ullmann I am going to read some more of her books in October. I have bought Et velsignet barn and I will read it after I’ve finished Sangen om den røde rubin by Agnar Mykle.

I also have the Berlin Noir trilogy laying around, so perhaps I should give it a try. Also No Logo by Naomi Klein is very tempting as my sister has recommended it to me for years. I also have Dracula on my TBR, but I don’t know if I will read it in October or November.




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