November Summary

I haven’t really read much this month as I have started knitting instead, making Christmas gifts :) I only read on the train to work and home again and in my lunch break, so one book takes forever. But it’s only until Christmas; in January I’ll be back on track.


I did read some books though. I got to finish the Berlin Noir Trilogy with the last book A German Requiem. It was amazing, I really recommend it.

As I have just fallen in love with Linn Ullmann’s books, I got on with reading Nåde (Grace). I just love her writing, the way he jumps back and forth in time without it getting confusing.

Last I read the short story White Nights by Dostoyevsky. It’s been a while since I read Dostoyevsky but I didn’t feel like reading a thick, heavy book, so this little story was perfect.




This is the last book in the Berlin Noir trilogy. Even thought I feel it didn’t quite measure up to book No. 2 I the series, The Pale Criminal, it certainly was close. All in all a perfect ending to a very exciting criminal trilogy. I can truly recommend this book.



A beautiful, sad and powerful book about death and life. Linn Ullmann has a way of jumping back and forth in time without it getting confusing. I love her style of writing. This book is beautifully written and hard to put down.






 A lovely short story in the true writing style of Dostoyevsky. About four summer nights, dreams, friendship, love and lust.





What about December?

I have almost finished Det dyrebare, another Linn Ullmann favorite. So my plan is to finish it in a couple of days. I have a new book in my shelf, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, so I believe I will read this afterwards. I also hope I will find time during Christmas to read one of Charles Dickens’ Christmas classics The Chimes.

But, as I said, I am quite occupied with knitting these days, so if I only read two books in December, that’s okay.



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